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National Television / Advertising Campaign

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that the MAIA is involved in the largest martial arts promotional campaign ever seen in Australia . The campaign, which will commence in 2007 will feature the following:

1. A national Television, Radio and print media presence

2. A seven figure budget

3. Martial Arts together with three other sport/ recreational activities will be featured on the packets of four major breakfast cereals.

In conjunction with this campaign a major adver­tising agency is establishing a national phone in and website service that will enable all MAIA members to be contacted directly by persons wanting to join their schools. The directory will have a single national telephone number that will deal with all calls that flow from the various ad­vertising mediums that will be used.

The potential in terms of new students is massive and for the first time martial arts is to be linked with other mainstream sport/recreational activi­ties.

It is a big job, in fact the largest undertaking that our industry has ever attempted. Our intent is that we will move martial arts into mainstream media awareness. The first step is to find out who is going to be involved so if your organisation is wanting to be (and we can’t see how anyone would not want to be) then send an email to our office, stating who you are and that you wish to be involved we will then get the relevant information to you.

To be involved you will need to be accredited, insured and MAIA members. Non MAIA members will not feature in this campaign.

Jul 06, 2006 | Category: News