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Martial Arts Industry Supershow 2006

Interest in Australia’s first Industry Supershow is growing for more information email your inquiry to

The show, is modeled on the successful MAIA (USA) Supershows held every year in Las Vegas and will occur on the 14th and 15th of October at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast.

If you would like a promotional DVD on this just send your request to the supershow email and it will be sent to you.


Message from Walt Missingham – Film Producer

As many are aware I have another life as a television producer. In fact last year I became the highest earning TV Documentary producer in Australia ‘s history. With success comes opportunity and I have been working on producing a martial arts feature film.

The film entitled ‘Cody’s Island (written by Aus­tralian martial artist Mal Lomax) is now in the pre production and casting phase and to that end I am issuing the following invitation to anyone within our membership. The op­portunity exists for the placement of many martial artists in supporting and extra roles. If you wish to be considered then please send the following on a CD or DVD (de­pendent on final file size)

1. A head shot photo on jpeg

2. a body shot photo on jpeg

3. On a single word document – your martial arts resume together with any previous on camera experience as well as your contact details – phone, address, email

4. your show reel (martial arts demonstra­tion) as a Quicktime File

The disc is to be labeled with your name and the words ‘Cody’s Island

If anything is received in any other form (eg paper hard copies. VHS tape etc) it will not be considered.

The film has a good chance of going ahead so if you would like to be in it we would like to hear from you. Send the Disc to Phoenix Films PO Box 134 Kenthurst NSW 2156

Kickboxing and Weapons Ban!

Our office and many of our members have been reporting increasing email and lobbying activity from ‘hobby group’ an offshoot religious group who wishes to see kick boxing and weapons training banned in Australia .

It may be that we will need to present a re­sponse to Government as a result of their efforts. Like most that have gone down this path before them they are short on facts and send their emails out anonymously so we should not overrate them but neither should we ignore them. Any member with any information on this group should contact our office. As the Industry Body we will act when and if it is appropriate.

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