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Song Jin Han Vs AKWF

Mr. Jin-Song Han, a former member of the AKWF, commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria in June, 2011, in defamation, and for an alleged breach by the AKWF of its rules. The action was taken against Mr. Walt Missingham, President of the AKWF, as well as against the AKWF itself, and another defendant. In late August, 2011, the AKWF filed a summons seeking that the defamation part of Mr. Song Jin Han’s statement of claim be struck out. That application was heard on 22nd and 23rd September, 2011. The decision was handed down 6th October, 2011. Associate Justice Mukhtar found that a large portion of Mr. Song Jin Han’s defamation claims were barred by statute, as the defamatory statements were made more than twelve months ago, and struck them out. One claim remains open, and the Judgment expressed doubt about the viability of that claim. The Associate Justice also ordered that Mr. Song Jin Han pay the costs of the AKWF and Mr. Missingham associated with that application. Mr. Song Jin Han was also ordered to redraft his pleadings.

Oct 13, 2011 | Category: News