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Accreditation Levels

Recognised Accreditation is a progressive instructor education program with three levels.

The courses include the following components:

  • Instructing Principles/Risk Management – Fundamentals of instructing, athletic performance and risk management
  • Sport Specific – Skills, techniques, strategies and scientific approaches specific to the particular sport
  • Practical – Practical coaching and an application of coaching principles

Level One: $320
Is the base entry or minimum level of accreditation that can be obtained. Maximum time for completion of the course is six months

Level Two: $270
The Level 2 course is more demanding and acquaints the coach with the sport sciences and their application to coaching. Maximum time for completion of the course is 12 months

Level Three: $270
This is an advanced course designed to assist instructors develop competencies necessary to work with athletes at an elite level. Advanced planning and training methods are covered and sports sciences are applied specifically to martial arts training. The course is completed over a two year period.

Download the application form here: (MAIA NMAS Accreditation Form)