Return to Classes – Post Covid

MAIA President, Walt Missingham, has released a range of ‘Post Covid’ initiatives to assist the recovery of the Martial Arts Industry as we move into a ‘Post Covid’

Walt commented: “It is quite amazing how quickly the ‘political capital’ of lockdowns, QR Codes, vaccine passports and masks has evaporated.  Across the country we are seeing an opening up and a movement back to normality but this is not enough. We need to enable our industry with initiatives  that will assist getting people back to training”

Our first step is getting our young people back to training.
The MAIA has registered the ‘Kids R Safe’ logo and brand (attached below),  members are free to use it in their advertising and promotions.

The Kids R Safe logo/brand is supported by the following 3 videos, now on our YouTube station.  The branding and videos have been tested by select members,  they have contributed to a marked return to training by past and new students.

Kids 1:
Kids 2:
Kids 3:

The links can be sent to any past or potential student or parent of student that you feel might be worthwhile, integrated into a social media campaign and/or used on your facebook or webpage.

Right click and ‘Save As’ the logos:


Christmas Break 2021

Best wishes to all of our members, athletes and officials, all of who worked together to get us through the year, we look forward to 2022!
Our Office will be closed from the 22nd of December and will reopen on the 26th of January.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Marsdens Law Firm Announces Its Support of MAIA

Mark Whitemore, Associate with Marsdens Law Firm today announced the formal support of the MAIA by Marsdens Law Firm.

“Marsdens actively seek community involvement and one of my ideas was to get further involved in the Martial Arts Industry, through the representative body”.

Marsdens will be providing legal support to the MAIA and will be assisting with the ‘Legal Services Project’ recently announced by the MAIA.