Who we are

The Martial Arts Industry Association Limited (MAIA), ACN 160 517 939, is the Peak Industry Body for Martial Arts in Australia.

The MAIA acts as the representative body for the collective interests of the martial arts to the Federal, State and Territory Governments, the general community and the media.

The combined strength and experience of our members enables MAIA to provide an effective forum for:

  • Lobbying/advocacy on behalf of the industry
  • Representation of member interests
  • Education on a wide range of topics
  • Networking and liaison between members, to the wider martial arts community and beyond


A Peak Industry Body should be able to say yes to all or most of these points.

  1. Is the organization referred to in any State or Federal Government legislation
  2. Does the organization have a history in the management, development and implementation of policies, procedures, programs and standards that have been applied within the industry
  3. Does the organization have significant industry representation
  4. Does the organization have in place mechanisms to receive input from industry participants and stakeholders
  5. Is the organization recognised by any State and/or Federal government agencies or Departments
  6. Has the organizations Code of Practice been referred to or applied as a standard in any local, district, high or supreme court action or decision
  7. Does the organization have, within its administrative structure, the capacity to source the appropriate specialist advise that it may need to formulate, revise and implement a standard, policy or code
  8. Has the organization developed partnerships/working relationships with key industry stakeholders and/or organizations that can influence or dictate outcomes within the industry (e.g. insurance companies)

The MAIA can answer ‘yes’ to all of these points and there is simply no other organization that even comes close in its capacity to do the same.

The MAIA was established in 1993 as the Australian Martial Arts Council Inc.

In 1998 the Australian Martial Arts Council decided to incorporate as a public company, change it¹s name and open its membership up to the broader martial arts community. The MAIA has developed & implemented a range of policies in an effort to more positively address the numerous problems associated with the martial arts in Australia.


1993 – 1994 John Newman MP

  • State ALP Member for Cabramatta
  • President Australian Karate Federation

1994 -­ 1998 Terry McCarthy

  • Manager ­ NSW Police Service
  • President Judo Federation of NSW

1998 ­ Present Walt Missingham

  • Television Documentary Producer
  • President  Kung Fu Wu Shu Australia
  • Vice President International Wu Shu Federation (Beijing ­ China)

The executive membership comprises various government recognised Martial Arts bodies as well as any organization meeting our ‘full membership’ criteria (see Publications and Forms).

Membership is open to any bona fide martial arts organisation that will agree:

  • to be bound by the National Code Of Practice for Martial Arts Centres and Instructors
  • to be part of the National Martial Arts Instructors Accreditation Program.

The MAIA has an important and continuing mandate to administer accreditation programs to ensure that martial arts instructors in Australia are able to provide instruction in a manner that is safe, responsible, and accountable with appropriate levels of understanding as to their legal and community obligations.

This mandate is being implemented by:

  • the establishment and increasing acceptance of the National Code Of Practice for Martial Arts Centres and Instructors
  • the expansion of accreditation programs for both sportive and non-sportive martial arts instructors
  • the progressive introduction of an accreditation requirement for any martial arts instructor who wishes to teach martial arts in any State or Territory of Australia.
  • the amendment of Government Regulations and Policy to reflect these accreditation requirements
  • direct negotiation with private sector interests that rent/hire facilities in which martial arts are taught to adopt an “Accredited Instructor Only” policy
  • the establishment of a ‘MAIA’ brand/logo that the general public will come to recognise as a guarantee of a minimum standard of accredited instructor
  • the establishment and development of significant “social justice” programs within the martial arts industry
  • the establishment of a single database that will enable government and the broader community to easily access qualified, reputable instructors throughout Australia
  • broad based media/public awareness and education campaigns

The Martial Arts Industry Association is an incorporated non-profit organization and is an Active Australia provider committed to supporting the industry and safeguarding the public.

All of our Office bearers are unpaid volunteers who are currently elected every 24 months by a vote of all members.

Our accounts are audited every 12 months and any member can view our accounts at our registered office


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