If you are an overseas (Martial Arts) sports person intending to apply for a Sport visa (subclass 421) to participate/compete at national level in this sport you will require a letter of endorsement from the MAIA.

The letter of endorsement will confirm that the applicant:

  • has the ability to compete/coach/instruct at the national level in Australia [for all applicants other than trainees] or is currently competing/coaching/instructing at the national level in their home country [trainees only] and will be able to support themselves and any dependants through their sporting endeavours in Australia and will benefit the sport concerned in Australia.

The MAIA will only issue a letter of endorsement to accredited martial arts teachers/coaches who have established a genuine case.

It is usual that an appointment be made with an MAIA representative as the start point in this procedure.

The letter of endorsement is to be provided with your visa application form to your nearest Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous office for processing.

For further information about visa requirements go to the DIMIA website at