Martial Arts Insurance

Simply the best insurance coverage for the professional martial arts instructor or martial arts business owner

The MAIA Members Insurance Policy has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of the martial arts professional.

Policy features are :

  • Public and Products Liability $20million
  • Professional Indemnity Cover, including legal costs $5million
  • Personal Injury/student Accident coverage
  • Loss of Income protection
  • Events & Fund raising coverage

Since 2011 the MAIA has established a ‘Minimum Insurance Standard’.

This ‘Insurance Standard’ provides that:

  • All accredited instructors adhere to the Standard
  • That the insurance is underwritten by an insurance company that is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
  • that the policy provides for 20 million dollars in Public Liability cover; $5million dollars in Professional indemnity cover; additional student accident cover.

Accordingly an MAIA Member is covered by the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance available in Australia. The policy, underwritten by an APRA regulated insurer, meets all the critical needs and demands for both Organisations and Instructors. Public Liability of $20million, Professional Indemnity cover of $5million, Legals Expenses, Student Accident are just some of the features of our insurance cover. Our members policy is reviewed each year to make sure that it meets the needs of our members in an industry where demands, legal requirements and risk management issues are continually changing

Enquiries should be directed to our office on 0426 900 587 or by email on

The Standard was established after the MAIA established the following ‘pitfalls’ that potentially placed both instructors and their students at risk:

  • General ignorance of instructors about what insurance is and how it works
  • An overriding motivation by some instructors to obtain insurance at the lowest possible price with little regard to potential damage to themselves, their students or the broader industry
  • Forging insurance certificates
  • Getting insurance issued by companies based in sheltered countries like the Cayman Island and The West Indies such insurance is not underwritten an so largely worthless
  • Taking out policies for fitness instructors, therapists or similar and attempting to apply these policies to a martial arts environment; such policies are manifestly inadequate in terms of the coverage they provide to both instructor and student.

It is important that your instructor meets the Martial Arts Industry Association Insurance Standard.

To see the details of the MAIA Policy click here: INSURANCE