Member Services & Information

Who are our Members?

As the peak industry body for martial arts, the MAIA is an umbrella group for all martial arts organizations.

The primary contact information for Full Members, including links to their web sites, is as follows:

Full Members (Category One)

Is open to any National organisation that:

  1. is recognised as the governing body of their particular martial art by the Australian Sports Commission or
  2. is recognised by the MAIA as the peak body for their particular martial art

Australian Karate Federation Inc
22 Kilcolman Street
The Gap QLD 4061
Tel: (07) 3300 0022
Fax: (07) 3300 0033
Web site:

Australian Kung Fu (Wu Shu) Federation Ltd
PO Box 134
Kenthurst NSW 2156
Tel: (02) 9571 8966
Fax: (02) 9571 8977
web site:

Tae Kwon Do Australia
PO Box 4072
Eight Mile Plain QLD 4113
Tel: 1300 853 287
Fax: (07) 3341 8749
Web site:


Associate Members (Category Two)

Is open to any National organisation that is not recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and is incorporated as non-profit sporting company limited by guarantee with the ASIC or as a nationally registered incorporated Association.

Aiki-Kai Aikido Australia
GPO Box 2783 EE
Mebourne VIC 3001
Tel: (02) 6297 8258
Web site:

Australian Jui Jitsu Federation Ltd
3 Rotorua Court
Aspeley QLD 4034
Tel: (07) 3862 9634
Fax: (07) 3869 9674
Web site:

Australian Kendo Renmei Inc
PO Box 353
North Carlton VIC 3054
Fax: (03) 8610 0087
Web site:

Australian Jeet Kune Do Association Inc
PO Box 471
Round Corner
NSW 2158
Tel: 02 9571 8966
Web site:

Thai Boxing Association of Australia Inc
PO Box 283
NSW 2124
Tel: 02 9674 9551
Fax: 02 9674 9552

Australian Hapkido Federation
19 Mort St
NSW 2148
Tel: 0409 993 728

Associate Members (Category 3)

This group is open to any martial arts organisation, club or academy that:

  1. is a proprietary limited company or
  2. holds a State based business name registration or
  3. is a registered Trust or
  4. is a registered partnership or
  5. is a State based incorporated sporting Association

Advanced World Martial Arts
Aiki Ten Shin Sho Kai International
Aikido Kenkyu Kai NSW inc
Aikido Takemusu Kai (Aust)
Akibo Kickboxing
All Stars Self Defence P/L
Arakan Martial Art Pty Ltd
Aust. Contact Karate Association
Australian Shaolin Kempo
Australian Sports Chanbara Federation Inc
Bendigo Self Defence
Bob Wrenn’s Self Defence Survival Techniques
Body and Soul Healthworks
Budo Jitsu Close Quarter Combat
Budokai International
Bujinkan Kobudo Caswell Dojo
Bujinkan Kobudo Graf Dojo
Capoeira Academia Grupo Bahia
Capoeria Academy
Chidokan Shotokan Karate-Do Australia
Chizen Martial Arts Systems
Combined Martial Arts
Double Impact TaeKwonDo P/L
Fightback System
Freestyle Martial Arts
Gary Martin Kung Fu Centre
Gold Coast Martial Arts Studies
Hokkushin Shinoh Ryu Australia Shibu
Hoshin Australia Pacific
Inverell Defence & Martial Art Centre
ISKA Pty Ltd
Kamao Martial Arts
Kempo Jutsu
Korean Martial Arts Australia
Koshu Kempo Australia
Mongoose Martial Arts
New England Martial Arts Centre
Newcastle Bujinkan Ninjitsu
Nowra Budo School
Renshu Kai Freestyle Martial Arts
Seishan Zenryoku Redlands Martial Arts
Seishinkan Iaido Inc
Self-Defence College Australia
Shelton Self Defense
Shodokan Aikido Qld Inc
Shodokan Aikido Sydney
Caboolture Shorinji Kempo Branch
Sosuishi-ryu Bu jutsu
Southern Fighting Arts
Sydney School of Japanese Swordsmanship
Tang Soo Do “Freestyle”
Tenkai Sura Fighting Arts
Traditional Shotokan Karate Australia P/L
University of New England Martial Arts Club
Washin Kan Karate Do Association